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At Moda Interiors, we believe your home design is more than bricks and mortar –  it should be a reflection of your lifestyle and tell the story of the people who live there.  Our aim is for you to fall in love with your home each and every time you walk through your front door, because your home is the ultimate reflection of you. At Moda Interiors, interior design
isn’t just our profession; it’s our way of life (and there’s no greater pleasure than to love the way you live). Our company was born out of the life-long passion of Managing Director Kate Barakovska, to design and create spectacular interior design ideas. Living that passion, with over 20 years experience our interior designers, specialise in creating spectacular
innovative home designs and interior decorating ideas that help you achieve your dream home. From your front door, through to your kitchen, living, bathrooms and your bedroom designs, we know how to create the vogue home that suits your lifestyle and reflects who you are.
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